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This page needs to be proofread.
This page needs to be proofread.


But once more the bow rebounded, fell the monarch in his shame, Left in haste Panchaia's mansions for the region whence he came ' Uprose Salya, king of Madra, with his wondrous skill and might. Faltering, on his knees descending, fell in sad inglorious plight ! Thus each monarch fell and faltered, merry whispers went around, And the sound of stifled laughter circled round the festive ground ! VI The Disguised Arjun Hushed the merry sound of laughter, hushed each suitor in his shame, Arjun, godlike son of Pritha, from the ranks of Brahmans came ! Guised as Brahman young and holy and like Indra's rainbow bright, All the Brahmans shook their deerskins, cheered him in their hearts' delight ! Some there were with sad misgivings heard the sound of joyous cheer, And their minds were strangely anxious, whispered murmurs spake their fear : " Wondrous bow ! which Sisupala, mighty Salya could not strain, Jarasandha famed for prowess strove to bend and string in vain, Can a Brahman weak by nature, and in warlike arms untrained, Wield the bow which crowned monarchs, long-armed chieftains have not strained ? Sure the Brahman boy in folly dares a foolish thoughtless deed. Shame amidst this throng of monarchs, shall it be the Brahman's meed ? Youth in youthful pride or madness will a foolish emprise dare, Sager men should stop his rashness and the Brahman's honour spare ! " " Shame he will not bring unto us," other Brahmans made reply,

  • ' Rather in this throng of monarchs, rich renown and honour high;