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Chapter Page
VII. Superhuman Horrors 108
VIII. Nix et Nox 112
IX. The Charge confided to a Raging Sea 116
X. The Colossal Savage, the Storm 118
XI. The Caskets 123
XII. Face to Face with the Rock 126
XIII. Face to Face with Night 130
XIV. Ortach 132
XV. Portentosum Mare 134
XVI. The Problem suddenly works in Silence 140
XVII. The Last Resource 143
XVIII. The Highest Resource 147
BOOK III.—The Child in the Shadow.
I. Chesil 155
II. The Effect of Snow 161
III. A Burden makes a Rough Road rougher 166
IV. Another Kind of Desert 171
V. Misanthropy Plays its Pranks 176
VI. The Awaking 192

BOOK I.—The Everlasting Presence of the Past—Man reflects Man.
I. Lord Clancharlie 196
II. Lord David Dirry-Moir 210
III. The Duchess Josiana 218
IV. The Leader of Fashion 229
V. Queen Anne 238
VI. Barkilphedro 247
VII. Barkilphedro gnaws his Way 254
VIII. Inferi 260