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Nine Days' Wonder


hair was hanging out clothes. Sparrows were chirping and fighting on the fence.

"Elaine dear could you let me have a little powder? I've lost my vanity case."

She turned back into the room. "I think. . . . Yes there's some on the mantelpiece. . . . Do you feel better now Cassie?"

"Oh yes," said Cassie in a trembly voice. "And have you got a lipstick?"

"I'm awfully sorry. . . . I've never worn any street makeup. I'll have to soon enough if I keep on acting."

She went into the alcove to take off her kimono, slipped on a plain green dress, coiled up her hair and pushed a small black hat down over it. "Let's run along Cassie. I want to have something to eat at six. . . . I hate bolting my dinner five minutes before a performance."

"Oh I'm so tewified. . . . Pwomise you wont leave me alone."

"Oh she wouldnt do anything today. . . . She'll just look you over and maybe give you something to take. . . . Let's see, have I got my key?"

"We'll have to take a taxi. And my dear I've only got six dollars in the world."

"I'll make daddy give me a hundred dollars to buy furniture. That'll be all right."

"Elaine you're the most angelic cweature in the world. . . . You deserve every bit of your success."

At the corner of Sixth Avenue they got into a taxi. Cassie's teeth were chattering. "Please let's go another time. I'm too fwightened to go now."

"My dear child it's the only thing to do."

Joe Harland, puffing on his pipe, pulled to and bolted the wide quaking board gates. A last splash of garnetcolored sunlight was fading on the tall housewall across the excavation. Blue arms of cranes stood out dark against it.