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Manhattan Transfer

"Gus I'm a lawyer and not a politician. . . . I dont meddle in those things at all. They dont interest me."

Baldwin brought the flat of his hand down on a pushbell. An ivoryskinned young woman with heavy sullen eyes and jetty hair came into the room.

"How do you do Mr. McNeil."

"My but you're looking well Miss Levitsky."

"Emily tell em to send that young fellow that's waiting for Mr. McNiel in."

Joe O'Keefe came in dragging his feet a little, with his straw hat in his hand. "Howde do sir."

"Look here Joe, what does McCarthy say?"

"Contractors and Builders Association's goin to declare a Jockout from Monday on."

"And how's the union?"

"We got a full treasury. We're goin to fight."

Baldwin sat down on the edge of the desk. "I wish I knew what Mayor Mitchel's attitude was on all this."

"That reform gang's just treadin water like they always do," said Gus savagely biting the end off a cigar. "When's this decision going to be made public?"


"Well keep in touch with us."

"All right gentlemen. And please dont call me on the phone. It dont look exactly right. You see it aint my office."

"Might be wiretappin goin on too. Those fellers wont stop at nothin. Well see ye later Joey."

Joe nodded and walked out. Baldwin turned frowning to Gus.

"Gus I dont know what I'm goin to do with you if you dont keep out of all this labor stuff. A born politician like you ought to have better sense. You just cant get away with it."

"But we got the whole damn town lined up."

"I know a whole lot of the town that isnt lined up. But thank Heavens that's not my business. This bond stuff is all right, but if you get into a mess with this strike business