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Manhattan Transfer

her stern. . . . I want to go to the war. . . . The only trouble is I'm very poor at wrangling things."

Harland was gnawing his upper lip; after a silence he burst out in a hoarse broken voice. "Jimmy I'm going to ask you to do something for Lily's sake. . . . Er . . . have you any . . . er . . . any change with you? By a rather unfortunate . . . coincidence I have not eaten very well for the last two or three days. . . . I'm a little weak, do you understand?"

"Why yes I was just going to suggest that we go have a cup of coffee or tea or something. . . . I know a fine Syrian restaurant on Washington street."

"Come along then," said Harland, getting up stiffly. "You're sure you don't mind being seen with a scarecrow like this?"

The newspaper fell out of his hand. Jimmy stooped to pick it up. A face made out of modulated brown blurs gave him a twinge as if something had touched a nerve in a tooth. No it wasnt, she doesnt look like that, yes Talented Young Actress Scores Hit in the Zinnia Girl. . . .

"Thanks, dont bother, I found it there," said Harland. Jimmy dropped the paper; she fell face down.

"Pretty rotten photographs they have dont they?"

"It passes the time to look at them, I like to keep up with what's going on in New York a little bit. . . . A cat may look at a king you know, a cat may look at a king."

"Oh I just meant that they were badly taken."