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Rejoicing City That Dwelt Carelessly


"Havent got a case of Scotch in there, have you Joey?" said Bill Dougan.

"Naw I'm not drinkin myself jus for the moment."

"I know where you kin get guaranteed Haig and Haig," put in Segal cockily—"before the war stuff for six dollars a quart."

"An where are we goin to get the six dollars for crissake?"

"Now look here fellers," said Joe, sitting on the edge of the table, "let's get down to brass tacks. . . . What we've got to do is raise a fund from the gang and anywhere else we can. . . . Are we agreed about that?"

"Sure we are, you tell em," said Dougan.

"I know lot of old fellers even, thinks the boys are gettin a raw deal. . . . We'll call it the Brooklyn Bonus Agitation Committee associated with the Sheamus O'Rielly Post of the A. L. . . . No use doin anythin unless you do it up right. . . . Now are yous guys wid me or aint yer?"

"Sure we are Joey. . . . You tell em an we'll mark time."

"Well Dougan's got to be president cause he's the best lookin."

Dougan went crimson and began to stammer.

"Oh you seabeach Apollo," jeered Gamett.

"And I think I can do best as treasurer because I've had more experience."

"Cause you're the crookedest you mean," said Segal under his breath.

Joe stuck out his jaw. "Look here Segal are you wid us or aint yer? You'd better come right out wid it now if you're not."

"Sure, cut de comedy," said Dougan. "Joey's de guy to put dis ting trough an you know it. . . . Cut de comedy. . . . If you dont like it you kin git out."

Segal rubbed his thin hooked nose. "I was juss jokin gents, I didn't mean no harm."

"Look here," went on Joe angrily, "what do you think I'm givin up my time for? . . . Why I turned down fifty dollars a week only yesterday, aint that so, Sid? You seen me talkin to de guy."