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Revolving Doors


though. . . . The State of New York's done its duty by the ex-service man."

"That's true enough."

"A national bonus means taxes to the average business man and nothing else. . . . Nobody wants no more taxes."

"Still I think the boys have got it comin to em."

"We've all of us got a whole lot comin to us we dont never get. . . . For crissake dont quote me on this. . . . Joey fetch yourself a cigar from that box over there. Frien o mine sent em up from Havana by a naval officer."

"Thankye sir."

"Go ahead take four or five."

"Jez thank you."

"Say Joey how'll you boys line up on the mayoralty election?"

"That depends on the general attitude towards the needs of the ex-service man."

"Look here Joey you're a smart feller . . ."

"Oh they'll line up all right. I kin talk em around."

"How many guys have you got over there?"

"The Sheamus O'Rielly Post's got three hundred members an new ones signin up every day. . . . We're gettin em from all over. We're goin to have a Christmas dance an some fights in the Armory if we can get hold of any pugs."

Gus McNiel threw back his head on his bullneck and laughed. "Thataboy!"

"But honest the bonus is the only way we kin keep the boys together."

"Suppose I come over and talk to em some night."

"That'd be all right, but they're dead sot against anybody who aint got a war record."

McNiel flushed. "Come back feeling kinder smart, dont ye, you guys from overseas?" He laughed. "That wont last more'n a year or two. . . . I seen em come back from the Spanish American War, remember that Joe."

An officeboy came in an laid a card on the desk. "A lady to see you Mr. McNiel."

"All right show her in. . . . It's that old bitch from the