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The rocks and the mountains shall sooner remove
And the sea shall flame on fire
If from my love shall retire,
And there's nothing I desire but innocent love.

If innocent love is all your request,
And you in earnest, I thought you were in jest,
I'll adore you with pleasure,
With kisses out of measure,
With joy, peace & pleasure we both shall be blessed

This couple they're married, and live very happy
Enjoying one another with pleasures so canty,
The rocks they shall melt,
And the mountains shall remove,
Ere ever I prove false to the woman I love.

Johnny Bluster’s Wife

Tune-Willie Castle dwalt on Tweed.

Johnny Bluster dwalt on Tweed
The place they ca'd (illegible text)tony;
Johnny was a jailer gude,
Nane could wield (illegible text) like Johnny,
Lizie Painck was Johnny's wife,
An' fi(illegible text)y Mary was her mother;
Sic a wife as Johnny had,
I wadna g'e a button for her.

Johnny was ance half in love,
His fancy was by beauty haunted;
Heaven shone in Johnny's e'e—

But as the heaven Johnny wanted: