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Who are the Mexicans?

of a hostile and deeply irritated population was risked. This resulted in what is known as the "Noche Triste," El Noche
the night of woe, in which, in making their escape by one of the great stone causeways leading to the mainland, the Spaniards were almost decimated.

Cortés now found it necessary to rest and refresh his sorely tried troops after their dread experience, and withdrew to The Siege of Mexico.Tlascala. Reinforcements arrived from Cuba, swelling the Spanish numbers to about 900 Castilians, and some 50,000 Tlascalan allies. Building numerous brigantines, which he transported in parts on the shoulders of native carriers to Lake Tezcuco, Cortés laid siege to the Aztec capital in May, 1521. At first the Spaniards were driven back, but, reinforced by tribes hostile to the Aztecs to the number of nearly 200,000 warriors, they pressed the investment, which dragged along for seventy-five days. At length, Cortés resolved upon the demolition of the city, building by building, and by this barbarous method at last broke down the stubborn Aztec defence. The great pyramid-temple of Huitzilopochtli was overthrown, and only a single quarter of the city, commanded by Guatamotzin ("chief Guatamo"), the nephew of Motecuhzoma, remained in Aztec hands. Guatamo was eventually captured; and Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the city of the most warlike people in Anahuac, became the prey and spoil of the conquering Spaniards. A portion of the city was rebuilt for the occupancy of the Spaniards, but, needless to say, its architectural character was substantially altered.

This sketch of Aztec history, brief as it is, would not be complete without some reference to the interesting Aztec Civilisation.indigenous civilisation of the peoples of Anahuac. Dwelling, as we have seen, in stone houses usually of one story in height, they were slowly evolving an architectural type of their own. These houses, which were built of red stone found in the vicinity