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IN the Preface, Page 7. line 18. read feet: line 24. read Gilbert, Harvy.

Page 13. line ult. read taste; p.34.l.18.r. small lens: l. penult. r.that proceeds from: p.40.l.44.r. when you: p.48.l.34.r.broadest: p.57.l.39.dele. be: p.62.l.36.r.water-drop: p.64.l.9.r. duction of G A C H: l.35.r. impressions: p.96.l.33.r. compose: p.100.l.11.r. Mersennus: p.106.l.8.r. extreamly: p.110.l.8.r. as: l.12.r. those: p.112.l.32.r. Aldronandus, Wormius: p.121.l.9.dele of: p.128.l.43, dele from: p.129.l.18.r. fifth place: p.130.l.29.r. Aerial menstruum: p.136.l.39.r. knew how: p.144.l.2.r. parts of the: p.147.l.36.r.look'd on: p.161.l.13.r.body: p.162.l.17. dele only: p.166.l.11.r.22 : l. 12. dele the Semicolon: l.17.r. place: p.167.l.40.r.22: p.171.l.18.r. and first for the: p.198.l.17.r.and an artific. p.215.l.ult.r. and from the: p.221.l.4.r. whence the under: hope: p.238.l.42.r. is not less: p.240.l.19.r. Moon.