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A Moral Tale.

Money is first loved as a means of procuring the comforts of life;
and people end in loving it for its own sake, and in depriving them-
selves, in order to preserve it, of these very enjoyments which alone
can make it desirable.

To study man, to trace his aims and views,
Is labour worthy of the rural Muse.
To aid the right, discountenance the wrong,
And point out Virtue's path to old and young—
Teach Wisdom's votaries in her ways to run,
And warn the simple Folly's paths to shun.
To teach and please, be this my constant aim.
The following tale does your attention claim.
'Mang men on earth is many a different state,
Some rich, some poor, some little, and some great.
Life's short and shifting seene we struggle through,
Each with some favourite pursuit in his view.
By Folly led, we oft ourselves deceive,
And catch at shadows, and the substance leave.
Some hoard up wealth, yet never are content,
And in the midst of plenty live in want.
What folly this ! from Fortune wealth to court,
And leave't to those who will not thank them for't;
They'll say, “he pinchi'd himsel', we'll tak it now,
Then roar an' curse, an' eat, an' drink an' spew.