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Our dreams were merged in a single dreaming and myriad trees of a single forest rustled,
When by their tremour the boughs one to the other give tidings of a single wind from unknown oceans.
Upon our meadows lay fragrance of all blossoms, sweetened into a single welded accord,
And radiance of our souls, fused into a single flaring, they invisibly garbed with colours
And by the voice of all our united wishes in marvellous gardens powers blossomed unto us.

And we culled our rapture, like fruit on a single bewildering cluster,
That burst at the touch in the spurting-forth of a single wine:
Apples from a single tree, which cleft, are aflush with blood they share with ours,
Kisses of a single night, wherein souls sing of death and coming lives,
In a single melting of lips, age-long infirm with bliss of a single flash.

“Polar Winds” (1897).


World stretches onward unto world,
Star unto star, when gloom of midnight is here,
And one there is in their midst, revolving around a white sun,
And its soaring thunders in music of mystical cheer,
And the souls of then that have suffered the most
May venture amid its sphere.