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Bespoke a spirit proud and daring;
The flashing of his eye confessed
The courage mantling in his breast.
The hoary warriors round him smiled
Approval of his fervour wild;
Recounting deeds themselves had done
Ere yet their bloom of youth had flown.


Rise, Mytah! the graceful, and list to thy lover;
The day is declining, my toils are all over;
Fresh spoils from the stream and the forest I bring,
And flowers wet with dew of the fragrance of Spring.

As the young blade of grass to the swift kangaroo
So dear to me, Mytah, one kind glance from you:
As the flowers love the dew-drops which nightly they sip,
In thy smiles I would revel, and feast on thy lip.

Then haste thee thy faithful Moyarra to cheer
With the sound of that voice which is sweet to mine ear;