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The exerted voice she yet may hear."
The savage called, and a wilder cry
Ne'er thrilled upon Tartarean gloom,
Wrung from a soul in agony:—
You'd deem a voice from out the tomb
Alone could wake that echo shrill
Responsive from the neighbouring hill.
No voice replied. In baffled pride
Muntookan laid him by the side
Of the embers dim, which fitful showed
The swarthy forms around that glowed.
The gaunt white stems of the trees around
Moaned in the breeze with solemn sound:
The hoarse frog croaked in dismal tune
From the weedy shore of the near lagoon;
The mournful note of the cuckoo seemed
To wail a crime yet unredeemed,
As nightly here, exiled from home
The ghost of the spring bird wept its doom:
The hungered dog in the distant dell
Discordant howled with painful yell.
But darker than surrounding shade,
Than the gloomy sounds by night conveyed.
The mingled tide of wrath and pride