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Where hearts with mutual fervour beat,
Where hps with unchecked fondness meet,
Than when to transient rules of art
Fashion would mould the struggling heart.


Nor wanted they the joy of amity.
Koreungat claimed that social tie.
Koreungat and Moyarra grew
Alike in strength and friendship too;
And now, together to the field
They sallied forth with spear and shield :
Together to the river went
To rob the watery element;
And when, encumbered with their prey,
Homeward, at eve, they bent their way,
The tones of Mytah's voice were heard
Caroling like a summer bird,
As forth she bounded o'er the plain
And blithely hailed them home again.
Then would she urge the friends to tell
How, or by whom, their victim fell;
And with quick jibe and mock contempt