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As eager there some hope to trace;
Each eye, with self-accusing glance
Reproached its master's negligence:
Not e'en the oldest chieftains spoke
But mournfully their grey hairs shook,
Reluctant then to trust the voice
With words that could not bid rejoice.
While all in doubt and sorrow hung
The youthful Warrawe 'mongst them sprung
(His tale reserved till reverenced age10
Disclaimed its prior privilege).
"Three travellers' tracks I viewed to-day;
It seemed they journeyed hence; the way
I well remember to the spot."
Further narration needed not.
Moyarra seized a burning brand—
Koreungat, Warrawe, all his band,
(Though many a proffered arm was there.
And many a heart beat high to share
The adventure, if perchance their aid
Might minister to Moyarra's need).
They reached the spot and quickly made
Their fire beneath the tall trees' shade:
But while his comrades sunk to rest,