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From Nature's stores can wisdom wring
An antidote to soothe the mind?
No! as the deadly adder's fang
On corporal sense inflicts a pang
Whose rankling venom subtly glides,
Empoisoning life's crimson tides;
So, when of sorrow's bitter draught
The shuddering heart hath, loathing, quaffed,
Sinks each enervate faculty
As paralyzed beneath a spell
Concentrate of malignity,
Potent as if on earth th' archfiend
Thus wrung a fealty from mankind-
Triumphant in the petty hell
That rends each victim's proper mind,


"The foe 'twere folly to pursue
His native hills are now in view;
And Mytah stretched upon the plain
Bedews the earth with crimson stain."
To her Moyarra madly sped;
With faltering hand he raised her head