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While round, in gleaming circles, soar
The great, the good, from every clime
Gathered triumphant over Time
The murmurs of whose ebbless sea,
Which bore them to Eternity,
Drowned in the music of the spheres
No more attract their hopes, their fears;
As, round and round, in mazy flight
They wheel, a galaxy of light.
Celestial gales ambrosial fragrance bring;
To harps celestial angel voices sing;
The hallowed concord of whose magic fills
The air with love, and on the sense instils
A holy joy, a trembling transport blended
With fear that aught so sweet must soon be ended:
But ever do those winds of heaven blow
Wafting that melody's richest, fullest flow;
And ever doth that train celestial float
In undulating union with each modulated note.
It is a faith that well might win
To virtue every child of sin,
To think that from such blest communion
With spirits made perfect, from that union