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Firm, and of fear unconscious, glancing
With all the ardour of the deer
Who knows his agile playmate near;
Hope, fixed yet eager, was entrancing
With high and earnest thoughts the pair:
One passion ruled them both—to attain
Full vengeance for dark Mytah slain.

Soon as the sun, with ardent ray
Asserting from high heaven the day,
Glowed on the forest's waving crests
The warriors marked with throbbing breasts
Each movement of th' unwary prey.
As bees, that with the morning light
Disperse their troops in banded flight,
Winging at will their odorous way
From honeyed flower to flower; so they.
For various chase prepared, depart;
Some to ascend with perilous art
The gaunt stem of the tree, whose womb
The squirrel makes his daily home;
Some, with the flying spear arrayed,
To rove at will the forest glade,
And, ambushed,8 pierce the kangaroo