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Thy trembling showers of silver light;
I love thee,—but I love thee more
That thou revisits't England's shore;
Th&t though I view not, thou dost shine
On sacred haunts which once were mine,
And still, by Memory's aid, are shrined
In holiest precincts of the mind.

Aye ! thou returns't to gaze thy fill
On scenes by thee made holier still:
If shadows o'er the landscape fleet
They render thy next smile more sweet;
But fruitless is my fond endeavour
To pierce the gloom which shrouds me ever:
My steps no more shall pace the grove
Endeared by childhood's earliest love.
Yet, when thou climb'st thine azure throne,
Encircled by thy starry zone
Thou bring'st remembrance of each night
I sported in thy gentle light;
Or conned the legendary rhyme
Beneath the oak, long spared by time,
Which reared its venerable head
Relic of many a century fled;