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Which bound me to that hallowed spot
My home? enough, I view it not;
Those ties are riven, and callous were the heart
To view without a pang such joys depart;
For which the world could soothe such sadly pleasing smart.

Shades of my fathers! haunting yet
"Each object of my fond regret;
The memory of whose fame is twined
With tendril clasp around my meeting mind;
Ye tutelar deities! whose presiding love
Sighed in the gale, and whispered in the grove;
Say, can your spells pervade this distant clime,
Alike victorious over space and time?
Once I conjured ye—"Be your airy forms
Bright harbingers of fate in life's dark storms!
Still hover o'er, your pinions weary never,
Beckoning to realms where bliss endures for ever!
Vain invocation! rests with me alone9
A dim remembrance of fair visions flown;
A lonely sense I yearn to lose—the ghost
Lingering, memorial sad, of pleasure lost.