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Boil in one or two well greased pudding basins for 4 hours. A wine-glassful of brandy may be added if liked.

Average Cost.—1s. 3d. Sufficient for 1 large or 2 small puddings.

1814.—CHRISTMAS PUDDING. (See also Recipes for Plum Pudding and Pound Pudding, Recipes No. 1888 to 1893.)


Ingredients.—½ a pint of milk, 3 ozs. of flour, 3 ozs. of castor sugar, 3 ozs. of butter, 3 ozs. of currants cleaned and picked, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoonful of brandy, a good pinch of nutmeg, a good pinch of salt, ½ a teaspoonful of baking-powder.

Method.—Cream the butter and sugar together, add the eggs gradually, and beat in well each one. Mix in the rest of the ingredients, pour into well-buttered dariol moulds or small cups, and bake for about ½ an hour. Serve with wine sauce.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 10d. to 1s. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.


Ingredients.—4 ozs. of grated cocoanut, 1 oz. of butter, 1 oz. of castor sugar, 1 oz. of cakecrumbs, 4 whites of eggs, 3 yolks of eggs, ½ a pint of milk, ¼ of a pint of cream, 1 teaspoonful of vanilla essence, paste.

Method.—Simmer the cocoanut in the milk until tender, and allow it to become quite cold. Cream the butter and sugar together until quite smooth, stir in the yolks of eggs separately, add the cakecrumbs, cream, vanilla, and the prepared cocoanut and milk. Whisk the whites of eggs to a stiff froth, stir them lightly into the rest of the ingredients, and pour the mixture into a piedish, the edges of which must be previously lined and decorated with paste (see Apple Amber, No. 1676). Bake in a moderate oven until the mixture is set, then pile on the remaining two whites of eggs, previously stiffly-whisked, replace in the oven until the méringue hardens and acquires a little colour, then serve.

Time.—2 hours. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.


Ingredients.—4 ozs. of breadcrumbs, 4 ozs. of finely-chopped suet, 2 ozs. each of currants and sultanas, cleaned and picked, 2 ozs. of sugar, 2 eggs, a good pinch each of grated nutmeg, ground cloves, ground cinnamon, and salt, ½ a teaspoonful of baking-powder.

Method.—Mix all the dry ingredients together, add the eggs, previously well-beaten, and stir until thoroughly mixed. Put the mixture into well-buttered dariol moulds, and either bake for about 25 minutes or steam 35 minutes. Serve with a good wine or brandy sauce.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 8d. to 9d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.