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a great number of articles will be required, and these are set forth in specification No. I. In specification No. II everything is included that is necessary for culinary operations in a family whose head is possessed of ample means. Specification No. III includes those articles which should be found in comparatively small houses; whilst in specification No. IV such things only are enumerated as are indispensable to a family possessed of a small income, and moving in a comparatively humble sphere of life.

Specifications and Estimates for Outfit of Kitchens.—The following specifications and estimates, it may be said, have been carefully prepared. They are exclusive of tinnery and brushes. Each specification is complete in itself, and any of the articles mentioned may be had singly at the same prices.


This Specification is complete and suitable for any Mansion.

    £ s. d.
8Copper Stewpans, assorted sizes5126
1Copper Stock Pot, 10 galls., with tap and Drainer5186
1Copper Bain marie, 11 vessels770
2Copper Sauté or Cutlet Pans176
1Copper Braizing Pan with Fire Cover, 18. in.440
1Copper Egg Bowl0186
1Copper Sugar Boiler0150
1Copper Preserving Pan1160
2Copper Jelly Moulds116
2Copper Charlotte Moulds, 2 pt., 3s. 6d., 2¾, 4s. 6d.080
12Copper Dariol Moulds, 2 in.096
12Copper Fancy Entrée Cups, assorted0120
2Copper Conical Gravy Strainers0176
1Copper Soup Ladle046
2Copper D Slices0100
2Copper Dish-up Spoons0100
1Copper Dish up, perforated046
2Copper Omelette Pans0159
2Copper Baking Plates126
1Oval Wrought iron Fat Pan and Drainer0196
1Oblong Wrought-steel Dripping Pan with Well, on iron legs286
1Basting Ladle for ditto0106
2Large Wood Meat Screens with Hot Closet9126
1Steel Cutlet Bat046
1Cast-steel Meat Saw046
1Cast-steel Cutlet Saw036
1Cast-Steel Cleaver056
2Set Skewers, 9d.,1s.,1s.6d033
1Case Larding Needles026
1Daubing Needle016
3Cook's Knives096
1Cook's Bone Knife056
2Root Knives, 1s.020
2Steel Dish-up Forks with Guard036
1Salamandar and Stand096
1Pair Steak Tongs036
1Toasting Fork016
1Fluted Bar Gridiron036
1Hanging Gridiron036
1Oval Iron Fry Pan026
6Tinned Iron Saucepans0136
2Ditto with steamer, 6 qt., 5s.; 8 qt., 6s. 6d.0116
1Best Wrought-iron Tea Kettle0106
1Copper Bottom Tin-Body Range Kettle026
16 Gal. Oval Wrought-steel Boiling Pot1100
2Strong Wire Fry Baskets, 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d.060
1Strong Tin Fish Kettle, Copper Bottom0106
1Strong Tin Turbot Kettle, Copper Bottom150
1Marble Slab for Pastry0106
1Box Pastry Cutters, each Round and Fluted050
1Box Assorted Fancy Cutters020
1Paste Jagger010
1Box Vegetable Cutters036
1Salad Basket (wire)036
 Carried Forward£58106