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place until it rises nearly to the top of the mould, then bake in a hot oven.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 8d. to 10d. Sufficient for 5 persons.

1906.—SAVARIN WITH PINEAPPLE. (Fr.Savarin à l'Ananas.)

Ingredients—Savarin border, prepared as directed in No. 1905, preserved pineapple, 2 tablespoonfuls apricot marmalade, glacé cherries. For the syrup: ¾ of a pint of water, 3 ozs. of loaf sugar.

Method.—Prepare a border as directed in the preceding recipe. Boil the loaf sugar and water to syrup, add to it the strained apricot marmalade, simmer until sufficiently thick, then put in the pineapple, cut into dice, and allow it to become thoroughly hot. When ready, place the savarin on a hot dish, baste it well with the syrup, then pile the pineapple in the centre, garnish with cherries, and strain over the remainder of the syrup. Variety may be obtained by using apricots or peaches instead of the pineapple.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 2s. to 2s. 3d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.

1907.—SAVOY PUDDING. (Fr.Pouding à la Savoy.)

Ingredients.—6 ozs. of stale Savoy or sponge cake, 2 ozs. of butter warmed, about 2 ozs. of shredded mixed peel, 1 oz. of castor sugar, 3 eggs, about ¼ of a pint of boiling milk, ½ glass of sherry or Marsala.

Method.—Pass the cake through a fine wire sieve, add to it all the ingredients except the whites of eggs, and beat well. Whisk the whites of eggs stiffly, stir them lightly in, and pour the mixture into a buttered piedish. Bake in a moderate oven for ½ an hour. Or, bake the mixture before adding the whites of eggs, which afterwards pile in a rocky form, dredge liberally with castor sugar, and bake until set and lightly browned.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons.

1908.—SAXON PUDDING. (Fr.Pouding à la Saxonaise.)

Ingredients.—4 sponge cakes, 6 macaroons, 18 ratafias, 4 eggs, ½ a pint of milk, ¼ of a pint of cream, 1 glass of sherry, 2 ozs. of almonds, a few glacé cherries, angelica, vanilla essence.

Method.—Blanch, peel, shred and bake the almonds until nicely browned. Butter a plain charlotte mould, decorate the bottom with halves of cherries and strips of angelica, and sprinkle the sides thickly