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    £ s. d.
 Brought forward23133
1Set Skewers, each 9d. 1s. 019
1Case Larding Needles026
1Daubing Needle016
2Cooks' Knives056
1Cooks' Bone Knife056
2Root Knives, 1s.020
2Dish-up Forks with Guard036
1Salamander and Stand076
1Pair Steak Tongs026
1Toast Fork010
1Fluted Bar Gridiron036
1Strong Wire Hanging Gridiron036
1Oval Iron Fry Pan023
4Iron Saucepans, assorted090
12 gall, ditto, with steamer060
1Cast-iron Oval Boiling Pot076
1Oval Wrought-iron Tea Kettle086
1Copper-bottom, Tin-body Well Kettle056
1Strong Tin Colander039
1Strong Tin Fish Kettle, Copper Bottom086
1Strong Fish Kettle, Tin Bottom0411
1Box Paste Cutters, Round020
1Box Paste Cutters, Fluted020
1Box Fancy Cutters020
1Paste Jagger010
1Japanned Spice Box046
1Seasoning Box0311
1Bread Grater026
12Assorted Iron Spoons060
1Box Vegetable Cutters029
1Strong Tin Soup Ladle016
1Fish Slice016
1Egg Slice010
3Vegetable Scoops029
1each Flour and Sugar Dredge, 1s. 3d.026
2Tin Funnels008
12Tartlette Pans016
24Patty Pans fluted008
1Bread Rasp020
1Strong Wire Egg Whisk016
1Pewter Freezing Pot0176
1Oak Pail for ditto066
1Pewter Ice Pudding Mould0106
6Pewter Ice Dessert Moulds090
1Marble Mortar0106
1Lignum Vitae Pestle036
1Set Best Scales and Weights 14 lb.0186
1Knife Machine on High Stand, 3 knives and carver2156
1Mincing Machine0150
3Hair Sieves076
1Brass Wire Sieve036
12Meat Hooks010
1Jelly Bag and Stand086
1Coffee Mill, Steel0126
1Kitchen Fender096
1Set Kitchen Irons046
1Zinc-lined Coal Hod046
1Tin Coffee Pot036
1Tin Tea Pot036
2Japanned Trays, Strong050
1Lemon Squeezer013
2Tin Openers010
2Galvanized Pails030
1Set Tea, Coffee, and Sugar Canisters0176
1Flour Kit046
1Rolling Pin, hardwood016
1Paste Board, hardwood046
1Set Stove Brushes0211
1Set Shoe Brushes056
1Hair Broom and Handle0311
1Bass or Yard Broom and Handle026
3Scrubbing Brushes039
1Meat Chopper046


Suitable for Middle-Class Houses.

    £ s. d.
4Sanitary Steel Saucepans, assorted0160
1Sanitary Steel Stock Pot, 3 galls.0183
2Tinned Iron Saucepans046
110 pt. ditto, with steamer040
1Oval Boiling Pot, 3 galls.049
1Preserving Pan, Copper0166
1Sanitary Steel Sauté Pan030
1Sanitary Steel Omelette Pan026
 Carried forward£396