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Method.—Soak the gelatine and lemon-rind in the water for 20 minutes, and afterwards simmer gently until the gelatine is dissolved. Beat the eggs, add the wine, lemon-juice, the strained water and gelatine, and sweeten to taste. Stir by the side of the fire until the mixture thickens, then pour it into a mould rinsed with cold water, and put aside until set.

Time.—40 minutes. Average Cost, 2s. 3d., if made with sherry. Sufficient for 1 quart mould.


Ingredients.—1 quart packet of calves' foot gelatine, 5 ozs. of loaf sugar, 2 lemons, the stiffly-whipped whites and crushed shells of 2 eggs, ½ a pint of sherry, ½ a pint of cold water, 1 pint of boiling water.

Method.—Soak the gelatine in the cold water for ½ an hour, then put it into a stewpan with the boiling water, sugar, whites and shells of eggs, thin rind and strained juice of the lemons and the sherry. Whisk the mixture until it boils, let it stand 10 minutes to clear, then strain through a jelly bag or cloth.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 1 quart.

1992.—GOLDEN JELLY. (Fr.Gelée dorée.)

Ingredients.—1 quart of lemon, wine or other clear jelly, 2 to 3 gold leaves.

Method.—Break the gold leaves into small pieces, stir them into the jelly when on the point of setting, and pour into a mould as the jelly commences to set.

Time.—40 minutes. Average Cost, 1s. 9d. to 2s. 9d. Sufficient for 1 quart.

1993.—GOOSEBERRY JELLY. (Fr.Gelée de Groseilles Vertes.)

Ingredients.—1 lb. of gooseberries, 3 ozs. of castor sugar, or to taste, ¾ of an oz. of leaf gelatine, the finely-cut rind of 1 lemon, ½ a pint of water.

Method.—Cut off the tops and tails of the gooseberries, put them into a stewpan with the sugar, water, and lemon-rind, simmer until tender, and rub through a hair sieve. Dissolve the gelatine in 2 tablespoonfuls of cold water, and strain it into the mixture. Turn into a mould previously rinsed with cold water, and put aside in a cold place until set and firm.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 5d. or 6d. Sufficient for 1 medium-sized mould. Seasonable from April to July.