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the prepared mould, and let it remain on ice or in a cool place until firm.

Time.—About 1½ hours. Average Cost, 1s. 9d. to 2s. 3d. Sufficient for 1 large mould. Seasonable from June to August.


Ingredients.—Tipparee pods (Cape gooseberries), sugar, lemon-juice.

Method.—Wipe the pods, cover them with cold water, simmer gently until soft, then drain through a jelly bag, but do not squeeze the pulp. Measure the liquor; to each pint add 1 lb. of sugar and 1 dessertspoonful of lemon-juice, and simmer gently for ½ an hour, skimming meanwhile. Pour the jelly into prepared moulds, or into jars if not required for immediate use.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, uncertain.

2020.—WINE JELLY. (Fr.Gelée au Vin.)

Ingredients.—1 quart of water, ⅓ of a pint of wine, sherry or Marsala, 4ozs. of loaf sugar, 2½ ozs. of French leaf gelatine, 1 orange, 1 lemon, ½ an oz. of coriander seed, the whites and shells of 2 eggs.

Method.—Put the water, sugar, gelatine, the juice and finely-cut rind of the orange and lemon, and the coriander seeds into a stewpan, and let them soak until the gelatine is softened. Whisk the whites and shells of the eggs together, add them to the rest of the ingredients, and whisk over the fire until boiling. Simmer gently for 10 minutes, then strain through a hot jelly-bag or cloth until clear, and pour into a wet mould.

Time.—About 1 hour. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. to 1s. 9d. Sufficient for 1 quart of jelly.

Creams, etc.

2021.—ALMOND CREAM. (Fr.Crème aux Amandes.)

Ingredients.—2 ozs. of almonds, ½ a pint of cream, 1 oz. of sugar, ½ an oz. of leaf gelatine, essence of almonds.

Method.—Blanch and skin the almonds, chop them coarsely, and bake in the oven until light brown. Dissolve the gelatine and sugar in 3 tablespoonfuls of water. Whip the cream stiffly, add the gelatine, etc., the almonds when cold, and mix all lightly together. Pour into a prepared mould, and stand in ice or in a cool place until firmly set.

Time.—About 40 minutes. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 1 small cream.