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2105.—CUSTARD BOILED, No. 3.

Ingredients.—1 pint of milk, 1 oz. of sugar, 1 teaspoonful of cornflour, 1 egg, lemon-rind or other flavouring.

Method.—Mix the cornflour smoothly with a little milk, simmer the remainder with the lemon-rind until pleasantly flavoured, then strain it on the blended cornflour, stirring meanwhile. Replace in the stewpan, simmer gently for 3 or 4 minutes to cook the cornflour, add the sugar, and let the preparation cool slightly. Beat the egg, add it to the contents of the stewpan, stir by the side of the fire for a few minutes, then let the custard cool.

Time.—About 25 minutes. Average Cost, 4d. Sufficient for 1 pint.


Ingredients.—1 pint of milk, 3 eggs, 1 oz. of castor sugar, ¾ of an oz. of leaf gelatine, 1 tablespoonful of brandy, vanilla essence.

Method.—Bring the milk nearly to boiling point, add the sugar and well-beaten eggs, and stir by the side of the fire until the mixture thickens, but do not let it boil. Pour it on the gelatine in a basin, add the brandy and vanilla, stir until dissolved, then pour into 1 large or several small moulds. Sherry may replace the brandy, or it may be omitted altogether. A little cold jam sauce or fruit syrup served round the dish will be found an improvement.

Time.—About ½ an hour. Average Cost, 9d. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons.

2107.—CUSTARD MOULD. (See Caramel Pudding, No. 1800.)

2108.—DAMSON COMPOTE. (See Compôte of Fruit, No. 2099, and Stewed Fruit, No. 2160.)

2109.—DEVONSHIRE JUNKET. (See Junket, No. 2128.)

2110.—FIG MOULD.

Ingredients.—1 lb. of figs, 6 ozs. of sugar, 1 oz. of leaf gelatine, 1 lemon, 1 pint of water.

Method.—Cut the figs into small pieces, put them into a stewpan with the water, sugar, the juice and thinly-cut rind of the lemon, and simmer until tender. Dissolve the gelatine in 3 tablespoonfuls of water, add it to the rest of the ingredients, and pour the mixture into 1 large or several small moulds. Serve with whipped-cream or a good custard sauce.

Time.—About ½ an hour. Average Cost, 8d. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons.