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TURNERY and BRUSHES (contnued).

    £ s. d.
Brought forward 980
Butlers' Apronsfrom056
Chamois Leather,,010
Flour Tubs,,040
Flour Tubs, Barrel Shape,,260
Oak Tubs, Round,,026
Oak Tubs, Oval,,040
Elm Bowls,,016
House Pails, Wood,,040
Chopping Board,,016
Door Scrapers, with Stove Brushes,01211
Curtain or Bed Brooms,,020
Telescope ditto,,053
Hand Broomsfrom030
Carpet Whisks,,020
Hand Brushes,,019
Hearth Brushes,,029
Banister Brushes, Single,,010
Do. Double 039
Banister Stair Carpet,,019
Shoe Brushes, per set of 3,,046
Boxes for Stove Brusheseach019
Stove Brushesfrom016
Plate Brushes,,010
Oil Brusheseach006
Dish Brushesfrom026
Total £1325


    £ s. d.
Bone Spoonsfrom002
Bottle Baskets,,080
Black Lead. Bestper lb.008
Bellows, Kitchenfrom019
Bellows, fancy pattern,,040
Bread Platters,,040
Bread Knives,,026
Butter Dishes, Carved,,010
Beetle Traps,,010
Butlers' Aprons, Green Baize,,056
Butlers' Apron, Red Leather,,090
Buff Leather Kinife-boards,,043
Bass Brooms,,016
Bottle Brushes,,006
Crumb Brushes,,020
Cinder Sieves,,019
Cucumber Slicers,,030
Closet Brushes,,026
Dinner Mats. set of 8,,089
Drinking Horns,,019
Drum Sieves,,110
Door Mats,,036
Dusting Brushes,,010
Egg Timers006
Emery Powderper pkt.006
Fine Brushesfrom016
Furniture do.,,018
Feather Dusters,,019
Do. with jointed pole,,028
Glaze Brushes,,016
Housemaids' Gloves.,,008
House Flannelsper yd.008
Hat Brushesfrom013
Hair Sieves,,0010
Hair Sieves, double bottoms,,020
House Stepsfrom036
Knife Boards,,013
Knife Polish,,006
Leather, Chamois,,010
Lemon Squeezers,,013
Lemon Corers,,008
Lawn Sieves,,019
Library Brushes,,016
Marrow Scoops, Ivory,,020
Mops for Jugs,,003
Nail Brushes,,006
Napkin Rings, Bone or Ivory,,010
Paste Brushes010
Paste Boards026
Polishing Pasteper box006
Putty Powderper pkt.005
Rolling Pinsfrom006
Sieves (Hair, Wire, etc.),,007
Soap Boxes,,003
Sink Brushes,,006
Scrubbing do.,,006
Salad Spoons and Forks,,006
Sweeps' Brushes,,007
Towel Rollers,,010
Turks' Heads with jointed Poles,,039
Urn Powderper box010
Vegetable Pressersfrom006
Velvet Brushes,,016
Wooden Spoons,,002
Total £799