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Part. In Season. Best. Average Price.
Belly Sept. to April Nov. to March 8d. per lb.
Hand ,, ,, d.   ,,
Fore-loin ,, ,, 8d.   ,,
Hind-loin ,, ,, 9d.   ,,
Leg ,, ,, d.   ,,
Spare ribs ,, ,, 8d.   ,,


In purchasing Fish it should be remembered that it is generally best when in full season, and the following list will be found useful in ascertaining when it is best and cheapest. To give a satisfactory table of the prices of fish is a difficult and almost impossible task. Many circumstances conspire to make the variations in price greater than in the case of any other food commodity. The fact that fish is a most perishable article of food and is usually caught while travelling in shoals, results in alternate scarcity and over-supply of a particular kind of fish, whilst the question whether the purchaser resides near or far away from a seaside or big distributing town, affects the situation. All we have been able to do is to record fluctuations in prices over a period of years, from which the housewife must form her own judgment. In conclusion, we would say that in no branch of marketing is personal attention better repaid, both in quality and economy, than in the buying of fish. The lady who markets herself will select the fish that on the day of her visit is plentiful, consequently cheapest and often best.

Name of Fish. In Season. Best & Cheapest Average Price.
Bloaters Sept. to April Sept. to Feb. 9d. to 1s. 6d. doz.
Brill All the year Aug. To April 6d to 1s. per lb.
Cod Nov. to March Feb. to March 3d. to 8d. per lb.
Crabs April to October Summer 3d to 3s. each.
Eels June to March Sept to Nov. 6d. to 1s. per lb.
Haddocks August to Feb. Winter 3d. to 1s. 3d each.
Halibut All the year Nov. to June 4d. to 10d. per lb.
Herrings May to January June to Sept. 6d. to 1s.. 6d. doz.
Lobsters All the year Summer 6d. to 3s. each.
Mackerel Nearly all the year April to July 3d. to 8d. each.
Mullet (red & grey) All the year April to October 6d to 1s. 2d per lb.
Oysters Sept. to April Winter 6d to 1s. per doz.
Plaice All the year May to Nov. 4d. to 8d. per lb.
Prawns Mav to Dec. Mav to Nov. 1s. to 2s. per pint.
Salmon Feb. to Sept. Spring & Summer 10d. to 3s. per lb.
Shrimps All the year April to Nov. 3d. to 6'd per pint.
Smelts October to May Winter 1s. to 2s. 6d. per box