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Method.—Thoroughly pick, wash, drain and dry the leaves, sprinkle over them a little salt and pepper, add 1 dessertspoonful of vinegar and 2 of salad oil, mix well, and serve.

A more palatable salad may be made by mixing equal parts of dandelion and lettuce, or dandelion and beetroot.

2381.—DUCK SALAD. (Fr.Salade de Canard.)

Ingredients.—½ a cold duck, ½ a head of celery, ½ a bunch of water-cress, 1 cabbage lettuce, 2 thin slices of sour orange (unpeeled), 1 teaspoonful each of chopped olives and parsley, 2 tablespoonfuls of salad-oil, 1 tablespoonful of Orleans vinegar, mayonnaise sauce, salt and pepper.

Method.—Cut the duck into 1-inch dice, wash the celery, trim away the green parts, and cut the white portion into fine strips. Place both duck and celery in a basin, add the oil and vinegar, season with salt and pepper, and let the preparation stand for a while. Cut each slice of orange into 8 sections, trim, wash, and dry the lettuce and watercress, and line a salad bowl with the leaves of the lettuce. Arrange the water-cress and sections of orange on the top of them, cover with a thin layer of mayonnaise sauce, and add the preparation of duck and celery. Spread the surface lightly with mayonnaise sauce, sprinkle over the chopped parsley, and serve.

2382.—DUTCH SALAD. (See Flemish Salad, No. 2389.)

2383.—DUTCH BEETROOT SALAD. (Fr.Salade de Betteraves à la Hollandaise.)

Ingredients.—Beetroot sliced and stamped out with a fancy cutter, shredded lettuce, cress, hard-boiled eggs, aspic jelly, mayonnaise No. 201.

Method.—Pass the yolks of the eggs through a sieve, chop the white coarsely, and stir them into some stiffly whipped cold liquid aspic jelly. Cover the bottom of a mould with some of this aspic; when cold, add successive layers of beetroot, lettuce and cress, separating each layer with a little aspic jelly. Repeat this until the mould is full. When cold, turn out, mask lightly with mayonnaise, garnish with sliced beetroot and yolk of egg, then serve.

2384.—EAST INDIAN SALAD. (Fr.Salade à l'Indienne.)

Ingredients.—1 large crab, 1 gill of tarragon vinegar, 1 teaspoonful of chilli vinegar, 1 tablespoonful of salad-oil, 1 anchovy, shredded celery, lettuce, endive, cayenne, salt.