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Method.—Grill or fry the bloaters, remove all the skin and bone, and chop them finely. If available, pound them in a mortar until smooth; otherwise beat well, and add butter until a soft smooth paste is formed. Pass through a wire sieve, season to taste, spread on thin slices of bread, and cover with bread coated thickly with watercress-butter No. 2492. Trim away the crusts, and cut into circles, squares or triangles.


Ingredients.—Astrakhan caviar, creamed butter, lemon-juice, cayenne pepper.

Method.—Prepare some thin slices of bread, spread them lightly with caviar, sprinkle with lemon-juice and a little cayenne. Have ready an equal number of slices of bread and creamed butter No. 2465, cover, press lightly together, trim, and cut into square, triangular, or finger-shaped pieces. These sandwiches may be varied by using lobster, prawn, or shrimp- butter, any of which flavours combine agreeably with that of caviar.


Ingredients.—Very finely shredded celery, cream, salt and pepper, thin slices of buttered white bread.

Method.—Moisten the celery slightly with cream, season to taste, place a thin layer between slices of bread and butter, and serve.


Ingredients.—Cheshire or Cheddar cheese, butter, anchovy-essence or paste, white or brown bread, salt and pepper, cayenne.

Method.—Grate the cheese finely, then either pound or work it until smooth with a little seasoning, anchovy-essence or paste, and as much butter as is needed to form the whole into a soft paste. Have ready some thin slices of bread and butter, spread the cheese preparation on ½ of them, cover with the remainder, press well, trim, and cut into the desired shape.


Ingredients.—Cold cooked chicken or ham, mayonnaise sauce (see Sauces, No. 201), watercress, or mustard and cress, farthing rolls.

Method.—Wash and dry the cress thoroughly, and remove the stalks. Shred the chicken and ham finely, season with pepper, and moisten with mayonnaise sauce. Scoop the crumb from the rolls, put in a little of the chicken mixture, add a layer of cress, then a little more chicken mixture, and replace the lid. Sandwiches of this description are suit-