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covering them each time with the syrup when cold. When the fruit looks perfectly clear it is sufficiently done, and should be stored away in pots, with the syrup poured over. Or, if preferred, the berries may be candied (see Cherries Dried, No. 2517, and Greengages, to Preserve Dry, No. 2554).

Time.—½ an hour to simmer, each day.


Ingredients.—Equal quantities of barberries and preserving sugar.

Method.—Put the sugar and fruit into a preserving-pan and bring slowly to boiling point. Boil gently for about 15 or 20 minutes, skimming well and stirring frequently, pour into small pots, cover closely, and store in a cool, dry place.

Time.—From 15 to 20 minutes, after boiling point is reached. Average Cost, 4d. to 5d. per lb.


Ingredients.—Equal quantities of ripe barberries and loaf sugar.

Method.—Wash the berries in cold water, and put them into a jar with a close-fitting lid, place the jar on the stove or in a moderate oven, in a tin ½ full of boiling water, and simmer gently for about 2 hours. Strain the juice into a preserving-pan, to each pint add 1 lb. of sugar, and bring to boiling point. Boil for about 10 minutes, removing the scum as it rises, then pour into small pots. Cover at once with paper brushed over with white of egg.

Time.—Altogether about 2 hours. Average Cost, barberries from 4d. to 5d. per pint.


Ingredients.—To each lb. of beetroot allow ½ a lb. of preserving sugar, the juice of ½ a lemon, and the finely grated rind of ¼ of a lemon. Add vanilla pod and stick cinnamon to taste.

Method.—Peel the beetroots, put them into a preserving-pan with water to barely cover them, and boil them gently for about 20 minutes. Add the sugar and flavouring ingredients, continue the cooking until the beetroots are quite tender, then drain them from the syrup, cut them into convenient lengths, and place them in jars of suitable size. Boil the syrup rapidly until it is quite thick, skimming when necessary meanwhile, and pour it into the jars. Cover closely, so as to completely exclude the air, and keep in a cool, dry place.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 3d. per lb.


Ingredients.—Blackberries, half their weight in sugar.

Method.—Boil the blackberries and sugar together for 40 minutes. Cover closely, and keep in a dry, cool place. The jam will be less insipid if a little lemon-juice is added.

Time.—40 minutes. Average cost, blackberries, 3d. to 5d. per lb.