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Method.—Put the fruit and water into a preserving pan, and boil slowly until reduced to a pulp. Strain through a jelly-bag of fine cloth until clear, then put it into the preserving-pan with the sugar, and boil until it will set when a little is poured on a cold plate. Turn into small pots, cover with paper brushed over with white of egg, fasten securely down so as to completely exclude the air, and store the jelly in a cool, dry place.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 7d. or 8d. per lb.

2546.—GRAPE JAM.

Ingredients.—Firm, sound, unripe grapes. To each lb. allow ½ a lb. of preserving sugar.

Method.—Place the fruit and sugar in layers in a preserving-pan, allow it to stand by the side of the fire until the whole mass is thoroughly hot and some of the juice is extracted, then bring slowly to boiling point. Boil until the juice sets quickly when tested on a cold plate, pour it into small pots, cover closely, and keep the jelly in a cool, dry place.

Time. About 1 hour. Average Cost, 8d. per lb.

Note.—In France, about ¼ of a lb. of apples are added to each lb. of grapes.


Ingredients.—12 large Seville oranges, 2 lemons, sugar.

Method.—Grate the rinds of 6 oranges, remove all the white pith, and throw it away. Remove and throw away both rind and pith of the remaining 6 oranges. Weigh the oranges, and to each lb. allow 1 lb. of sugar. Divide into sections, scrape out the pulp, and soak the pips and pith in a little cold water. Place the sugar, juice of the 2 lemons, orange rind, pulp and juice in a preserving pan, add the water strained from the pips and pith, and boil gently until the marmalade jellies quickly when tested on a cold plate. Cover the jars closely, and store them in a dry, cool place.


Ingredients.—Green ginger, sugar, water.

Method.—Put the ginger regularly every night and morning for a fortnight into fresh boiling water. Remove the outside skin with a sharp knife, boil it in water until it is quite soft, and slice it in thin slices. Make ready a syrup of 1 lb. of loaf sugar to ½ a pint of water, clarify it, and put the ginger into it. Boil until it is clear.

Time.— 14 days. Average Cost, 1s. per lb.

2549.—GREENGAGE MARMALADE. (See Greengage Jam, No. 2552.)