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pared syrup. Simmer gently until half cooked, then turn the whole into an earthenware bowl, cover, and let it remain thus until the following day. Strain the syrup into a preserving-pan, add the rest of the sugar, and boil to the "large pearl" degree (see No. 2266). Allow it to cool slightly, put in the plums, simmer very gently until tender, then remove them very carefully to a deep dish and strain the syrup over them. Let the plums remain covered for 48 hours, drain well, spread them on large dishes in single layers, and when quite dry pack them in air-tight tins with wax paper between the layers.

Time.—Altogether, 3 days. Average Cost, 4d. to 6d. per lb.


Ingredients.—Firm plums, sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, cloves, shredded orange-rind.

Method.—Prick the plums well with a fork, place them in a large jar with cinnamon, cloves and orange-rind between each layer. Cover with vinegar, and, on the following day, strain off and boil for 10 minutes. Let it cool, pour it over the fruit, and at the end of 24 hours again strain and measure it. To each pint add 3 ozs. of sugar, boil the two together for 10 minutes, pour it over the plums, and, when cold, cover closely, and store in a dry, cool place.

Time.—3 days. Average Cost, 4d. to 6d. per lb.


Ingredients.—To each lb. of pumpkin allow 1 lb. of preserving sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon-juice, the finely-grated rind of 1 lemon, and ½ a teaspoonful of ground ginger.

Method.—Pare and halve the pumpkin, remove the seeds, and slice thinly. Lay the slices on a large dish, covering each layer thickly with sugar, add the lemon-juice, and let it remain for 3 days. Turn the whole into a preserving-pan, add the lemon-rind and ginger, and ½ a pint of cold water to 3 lbs. of fruit, bring slowly to boiling point, and continue the cooking until the slices of pumpkin are quite tender, but not broken. Transfer carefully to an earthenware bowl, let it remain covered for 7 days, then lift the slices of pumpkin carefully into jars, and strain the syrup into a preserving-pan. Boil the syrup to the "large pearl" degree (see No. 2266), pour it over the pumpkin, cover closely, and, when cold, put the jars into a cool, dry place.

Time.—10 days. Average Cost, 4d. to 5d. per lb.

2584.—QUINCE AND APPLE MARMALADE. (See Quince Marmalade, No. 2586.)

Use equal parts of quince and apple purée.