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inch wide; when cut, sprinkle over them 1 teaspoonful of salad-oil, vinegar and a little pepper, and let them remain for ½ an hour. Meanwhile cover each croûte with a slice of hard-boiled egg seasoned with salt and pepper; scrape the horseradish finely and stir it into the cream, which must be previously whipped and seasoned with a little cayenne and a few drops of lemon-juice. Place the strips of beef on the croûtes, piling them high in the centre, cover with the horseradish sauce, and serve.

Time.—Half an hour. Average Cost, 9d. to 1s., exclusive of the beef. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons. Seasonable at any time.

2750.—CURRIED SHRIMPS. (Fr.Crevettes au Kari.)

Ingredients.—¼ of a pint of shelled shrimps, 1 oz. of butter, 1 finely-chopped shallot, ½ a gill of cream, ½ a gill of stock, 1 teaspoonful of curry-powder, ½ a teaspoonful of lemon-juice.

Method.—Cut the shrimps across in halves. Fry the shallot slightly in butter, add the curry-powder, and cook it for 3 minutes, then pour in the stock and stir until it boils. Let it simmer very gently for 15 minutes, put in the shrimps, cream, lemon-juice, and add the necessary seasoning. Make thoroughly hot, and serve in china ramakin cases.

Time.—Half an hour. Average Cost, 9d. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons. Seasonable at any time.

2751.—CURRIED PRAWNS. (Fr.Écrevisses à l'Orientale.)

Ingredients.—3 dozen shelled prawns, 3 ozs. of butter, 1 finely-chopped small onion, 1 dessertspoonful of curry-powder, 1 dessertspoonful of flour, 1 teaspoonful of lemon-juice, ½ a pint of milk, salt, 4 ozs. of plainly cooked rice (i.e. boiled in salted water and dried).

Method.—Brown the onion lightly in the hot butter, stir in the curry-powder and flour, and cook slowly for 5 minutes. Add the milk and stir until it boils, then cover and let the sauce simmer gently for ½ an hour. Now put in the prawns and lemon-juice, season to taste, cook gently for 10 minutes, and serve with boiled rice.

Time.—1 hour. Average Cost, from 1s. 6d. to 2s. Sufficient for from 4 to 8 persons, according to size. Seasonable at any time.

2752.—DEVILLED CHICKENS' LIVERS. (Fr.Foie de Volaille à la Diable.)

Ingredients.—4 chickens' livers, 3 croûtes of fried bread, bacon, 1 finely-chopped shallot, ½ a teaspoonful of finely-chopped parsley, cayenne, pepper and salt.