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in the prepared fish, and cover with the remainder of the potato. Smooth the surface and notch the edges with a knife, giving it the appearance of a paste crust, brush it over with egg, sprinkle liberally with grated cheese, and bake in a moderately-hot oven until well browned. Serve hot.

Average Cost, 10d., exclusive of the fish. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons. Seasonable at any time.


Ingredients.—4 ozs. of macaroni, 4 ozs. of streaky bacon, ½ a pint of stock, 1 oz. of butter, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Method.—Break the macaroni into small pieces, put them into slightly salted boiling water, boil rapidly for 5 minutes, then drain well. Have the stock boiling in a stewpan, put in the macaroni and stew until tender, but not too soft. Cut the bacon into small dice, fry slightly in a sauté-pan, then add the well-drained macaroni, butter, a good pinch of nutmeg, and salt and pepper to taste. Stir gently over the fire until the macaroni acquires a nice brown colour, then turn on to a hot dish, and serve.

Time.—About 40 minutes. Average Cost, 6d. Sufficient for 2 or 3 persons.


Ingredients.—8 small thin slices of bacon, 3 ozs. of finely-chopped cooked meat, 1 oz. of finely-chopped cooked ham or tongue, 1½ tablespoonfuls of breadcrumbs, ⅓ a teaspoonful of finely-chopped parsley, ½ a teaspoonful of finely-chopped onion, ¼ of a teaspoonful of powdered mixed herbs, 1 egg, salt and pepper, nutmeg, croûtes of toasted bread, ¼ of a pint of tomato or piquante sauce (see Sauces, Nos. 282 and 265).

Method.—Mix the meat, ham, breadcrumbs, onion, parsley, and herbs together, add a pinch of nutmeg, season to taste with salt and pepper, and stir in gradually as much of the egg as is necessary to bind the whole together. Put aside for about ½ an hour, then divide it into 8 portions; shape them in the form of a cork, roll them in a piece of bacon, and secure with twine or large pins. Bake in a moderately hot oven for about ½ an hour, then dish on the croûtes, garnish with fried parsley, and serve the sauce separately.

Time.—About ¾ of an hour. Average Cost, 10d. Sufficient for 4 persons. Seasonable at any time.


Ingredients.—3 or 4 rashers of fried bacon, 1 round of toast, 2 eggs scrambled (see Scrambled Egg, No. 2009).