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2875.—KIDNEY TOAST, MADRAS STYLE. (Fr.—Croûtes de Rognons à la Madras.)

Ingredients.—2 sheep's kidneys, 4 small rounds of buttered toast, curry-paste, ¼ of a teaspoonful of grated lemon rind, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, butter, salt and pepper.

Method.—Skin the kidneys, cut them in halves lengthwise, run small skewers through them to keep them flat, and season them with salt, pepper, and a few grains of cayenne. Mix the lemon rind and a little salt and pepper with the egg, dip in the kidneys, and roll them in breadcrumbs. Have ready a little hot butter in a frying-pan, and fry them lightly and quickly, cooking the cut side first. Trim the toast to a size slightly larger than half a kidney, spread with a thin layer of curry-paste, dish the croûtes upon them, and serve as hot as possible.

Time.—20 minutes. Average Cost, 10d. to 1s. Sufficient for 2 persons. Seasonable at any time.

Note.—For other recipes for cooking kidneys, see Chapter XIX, page 589.


Ingredients.—Kippered herrings, butter.

Method.—If the herrings are fresh and moist, simply immerse them for 1 minute in hot water, but if at all dry or over-smoked, soak them for about 1 hour, being careful in either case afterwards to wipe them dry. Rub the inner side with butter, grill quickly over or in front of a clear fire, spread on a little cold butter, then serve.

Time.—To broil the herrings, from 3 to 4 minutes. Average Cost, from 3d. to 4d. per pair. Allow 1 to each person. Seasonable, all the year.

2877.—LOBSTER CROQUETTES. (Fr.—Croquettes de Homard.)

Ingredients.—1 medium-sized lobster (or a good brand of tinned lobster), 1 oz. of butter, 1 tablespoonful of flour, 1 tablespooniul of cream, 1 whole egg, 1 yolk of egg, salt and pepper, cayenne, panurette (grated rusks) or breadcrumbs, frying-fat, fried parsley.

Method.—Chop the flesh of the lobster finely. Melt the butter in a stewpan, stir in the flour, add rather less than a gill of cold water, and boil well. Now put in the lobster, cream, a pinch of cayenne, salt and pepper to taste, stir over the fire until thoroughly hot, then add the yolk of 1 egg. When the mixture begins to thicken spread it on a plate to cool, and when ready to use shape it in the form of cutlets or corks. Brush these over well with egg, coat with panurette (this preparation, which resembles exceedingly fine red breadcrumbs, is sold