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over the fire until the butter is melted, but do not allow the milk to become very hot. Put the flour and sugar into a basin, stir it to the milk and butter, the yeast dissolved in a little cold milk, and the eggs, which should be well beaten, and form the whole into a smooth dough. Let it stand in a warm place, covered with a cloth, to rise, and when sufficiently risen add the currants, and candied peel cut into thin slices. When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, line 2 moderate-sized cake-tins with greased paper, which should be put 6 inches higher than the tin; pour in the mixture, let it stand to rise again for another ½ hour, and then bake the cakes in a brisk oven for about 1½ hours. If the tops of them become too brown, cover them with paper until they are done through. A few drops of essence of lemon, or a little grated nutmeg, may be added if this flavour is liked.

Time.—From 1¼ to 1½ hours. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. Sufficient to make 2 moderate-sized cakes.


Ingredients.—3 eggs, ½ a pint of cream, 1 lb. of butter, ½ a lb. of castor sugar, 2 ozs. of ground ginger, 2 lbs. of flour, a little salt.

Method.—Whisk the eggs thoroughly, add the cream, and beat these together. Put the mixture into a saucepan, stirring till warm; add the butter, sugar and ginger, carefully stirring over a very moderate fire. When the butter has melted, stir in the flour, adding salt, and make into a paste (the flour must be fine). Roll out the paste and cut it out with a plain round paste cutter on to buttered flat tins, and bake in a moderate oven.

Time. ¾ hour. Average Cost, 2s. 10d. Sufficient for 3 to 4 dozen small cakes.

Muffins, Crumpets, Rolls and Toast


Ingredients.—1 quart of water, 2 ozs. of yeast, ¼ of a lb. of potatoes, ½ an oz. of salt, flour.

Method.—Wash, peel and boil the potatoes, rub through a colander, add the water (just warm enough to bear the hand in it without discomfort); then dissolve the yeast and salt in it, and stir in sufficient flour to make a moist paste. Beat it well in a deep bowl, and then clear off the paste from the hands; cover over with a clean