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It will be seen, on referring to the Recipes which follow, that by the original method of explanation adopted, the rules for the preparation of each dish are clearly and intelligibly indicated. We would recommend the young housekeeper, cook, or whoever may be engaged in the important task of "getting ready" the dinner or other meal, to follow precisely the order in which the Recipes are given. Thus, let them first place on their table all the Ingredients necessary; then their Method of preparation will be quickly and easily managed. By carefully reading the Recipes there should not be the slightest difficulty in arranging a repast for any number of persons, and an accurate notion will be gained of the Time required for the cooking of each dish, the periods when it is Seasonable, and its Average Cost.

The prices are based on a careful study of the London Market lists of the season, when the various articles are at their best. Where the fluctuations are very considerable, the item is omitted from the calculation. As stated, the prices are Average only, and must be modified according to season, district and the supply of and demand for the articles that may prevail.

Notes are also given on the natural history of the different animals and various edible articles in common use, indicating their habitat, characteristic features, and dietetic value, which from a practical, economical and educational point of view will be found both interesting and serviceable.