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minutes, then wash it again. Now pour over it the buttermilk, add the cardamoms and cloves, a teaspoonful of salt, the juice of the green ginger, and let it soak for 1 hour. Fry the onions in a little hot ghee, add the ginger, coriander, cinnamon, cumin and saffron, put in the fish, and cover with the rice, previously parboiled. Add a little of the buttermilk, pour over the whole the melted ghee, cover closely, and cook as slowly as possible for about1 hour, serve hot.

Time.—1 hours. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons. Cost, 1s. 9d. to


Ingredients.—2 lbs. of lean mutton, 2 lbs. of rice, ¼ of a lb. of ghee or other fat, ¼ of a lb. of green chumah dhall, 2 onions sliced, ½ an oz. of green ginger, ⅛ of a teaspoonful each of coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, cumin seeds and saffron, ¼ of a pint of good gravy, salt.

Method.—Slice the meat, sprinkle it liberally with salt and pounded ginger, let it remain for about ½ an hour, then pour over it the gravy. Allow the meat to soak for 1 hour, turning it 2 or 3 times, and adding a little more gravy if necessary, then drain it well, and dip each slice in flour seasoned with salt. Heat a little ghee in a stewpan, fry the onions until well browned, then add the meat, and fry it also. As soon as the meat is lightly browned, sprinkle in the coriander seeds, previously ground, pour in the gravy in which the meat was soaked, and cook gently until it has become evaporated or absorbed. Meanwhile, parboil the rice in water, then drain it well, and stir in the saffron. As soon as the meat is sufficiently dry add the coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms and cumin seeds, all previously pounded or ground, mix well together, place the rice on the top, over which spread the green chumah dhall, and pour upon it the remaining ghee previously melted. Cover closely, and cook as slowly as possible for about 40 minutes, then serve.

Time.—2 hours. Sufficient for 6 persons. Cost, 2s. 3d.


This term is applied to a mixture of vegetables, fried in ghee (frying fat or butter). A favourite mixture is cabbage and potato, known to us as "Coleanum."


This fish may be cooked according to the numerous recipes for dressing cod (see Nos. 428 447). a tish it somewhat resembles.


Ingredients.—1 large lobster, 1 large cucumber, 1 small cocoanut, 2 ozs. of butter, 3 ozs. of chopped onions, or shallots, 1 clove of garlic very finely chopped, 1 dessertspoonful of thinly-sliced green ginger,