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Ingredients.—8 ozs. of turmeric, 6 ozs. of coriander seeds, 3 ozs. of cardamoms, 3 ozs. of cumin, 3 ozs. of fenugreek, 1 oz. of cloves, 1 oz. of white peppercorns, ¼ of an oz. of cayenne.

Method.—Thoroughly dry and pound the above ingredients, first separately, then all together. When well mixed, pass the whole through a fine sieve, put the preparation into dry bottles, cork tightly, and store for use.

Time.—1 hour. Sufficient for 1½ lbs. of powder. Cost, 1s. to 1s. 2d.


Ingredients.—½ a lb. of rice, ½ a pint of split dhall or dried peas, ¼ of a teaspoonful of ginger, ⅛ of a teaspoonful of mace, salt, 4 hard-boiled eggs, 2 small boiled onions, or onions sliced and fried.

Method.—Soak the dhall or peas in water overnight, then wash them well, and also wash the rice. Cover the dhall or peas with water, add the ginger, mace and salt to taste, cook until half done, then add the rice. Cover closely, and cook slowly until the rice is swollen and tender, stirring very frequently towards the end of the process, when nearly all the water should have evaporated. Serve garnished with hard-boiled eggs cut in half, and surrounded by either small boiled onions, or slices of fried onion.

Time.—1½ hours. Sufficient for 1 dish. Cost, 11d. to 1s. 1d.


Ingredients.—a pint of lentils, ¾ of a pint of stock, 2 ozs. of ghee, 1 tablespoonful of curry powder, 3 onions sliced, rice.

Method.—Wash and dry the lentils, cover them with stock, simmer gently until tender, adding more stock gradually, but when finished they should be quite dry. Heat the ghee, fry the onions until lightly browned. Sprinkle on the curry powder, stir for a few minutes, and add the lentils. Cook gently for about 20 minutes and serve with well boiled rice.

Time.—hours. Sufficient for 1 dish. Cost, 7d. to 9d.


Ingredients.—½ a pint of lentils,¾ of a pint of stock, 4 medium-sized onions coarsely chopped, ¼ of a teaspoonful of ground chillies, ¼ of a teaspoonful of ginger and turmeric mixed, of a teaspoonful salt, 1 clove of garlic, 2 ozs. of butter paste, ghee.

Method.—Cook the lentils in the stock (see preceding recipe). Fry the onions in the butter, stir in the dry prepared lentils, add the chillies, ginger, turmeric, salt, and garlic and mix well. Roll the paste out thinly, cut into rounds, place a little of the mixture on one-half of