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Vegetarian Cookery, which is so strongly believed in and practised by many thousands, has been carefully dealt with.

Chafing Dish and Casserole Cookery, now so popular with cooks, and indispensable in Flat life and for all amateur cookery and impromptu meals, is dealt with in a new chapter.

The Medical and Nursing Chapters have been contributed by two of our most eminent physicians.

The Legal Memoranda has been contributed by a well-known barrister, author of several standard law books.

We take this opportunity of expressing our gratitude to many eminent authorities and great firms for the courtesy, thoroughness, and disinterested zeal with which they have given time, information, facilities, and assistance to us, whilst engaged in our long, laborious, but engrossing task of compressing all information of practical value to our readers into the new "Mrs. Beeton."

It would be out of place in a preface to allude to all the many features of our new issue. Many are there, and all the old Mrs. Beeton as well. For details, and also because it is easy in a book of this size to look for information in the wrong place, we would ask our readers to make use of the very comprehensive index and tables of contents furnished herewith.

All these new features have had one disastrous effect from the publishers' point of view. The book as it now stands is half as large again as the previous edition, and is offered at the same price. We believe this to be by far the greatest value for money ever given in book production. We can only trust that this new and enlarged edition of MRS. BEETON'S HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT will meet with the same hearty welcome its old and well-tried predecessors have always enjoyed.

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Salisbury Square, E.C.