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until the fruit is tender. Sugar to taste, or sugar boiled to a syrup (see To Clarify Sugar for Syrup, No. 2599), and flavouring ingredients should be added when the fruit is about half cooked. When syrup is used the water required for it should be taken from the vessel con- taining the fruit, unless a rather liquid compote is liked. The water in which the fruit soaks always extracts some of the flavour of the fruit, and the latter should therefore be cooked in it. Much stirring should be avoided, as dried fruit, when nearly cooked, breaks easily.

Newtown pippins, from which the peel and cores have been removed, and Normandy pippins, from which only the peel is removed, may require soaking a little more than apple rings and apple chips.

'Time.—Altogether 11½ to 13½ hours. Average Cost, 6d. to 8d. per lb. Sufficient, ½ lb. of fruit for 1 good dish. Seasonable at any time.


Ingredients.—1 quart of Graham flour, 1 quartern of ordinary flour, ½ a cupful of molasses, ½ a cupful of liquid yeast (or i oz. of compressed yeast),1 level tablespoonful of salt, about 1¾ pints of warm water.

Method.—Mix the Graham and ordinary flour and the salt together, add the molasses, yeast and water, and beat well for 20 minutes. Cover the bowl, let the dough remain undisturbed all night, and in the morn- ing shape it into 2 or 3 loaves. Let them rise to nearly double their original size, then bake in a fairly hot oven for about 1½ hours. The dough is so soft that it cannot be moulded, but it may be made into by means of French roll pans.

Time.—To bake, about 1½ hours. Average Cost, 10d. Sufficient for 2 loaves. Seasonable at any time.


Ingredients.—1 cupful of Graham flour, 1 cupful of ordinary flour, 2 eggs, 1 pint of sour milk (or sweet milk and 2 teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar), 1 teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, ½ a teaspoonful of salt, 1 tablespoonful of sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls of oiled butter.

Method.—Dissolve the carbonate of soda in a little warm water. Mix the Graham and ordinary flour, salt, sugar (and cream of tartar, if used) together. Beat the eggs, add the butter, milk and dissolved soda, mix with the flour, and beat or knead until smooth. Fry on the griddle and serve hot.

Time.—To bake each cake, about 10 minutes. Average Cost, 10d. to 11d. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons. Seasonable at any time.


Ingredients.—1½ pints of flour, 1¼ pints of warm water (about), 2