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Muscat (Fr.). Muscadine (Eng.). A wine, also the grape producing it (muscadine grape).

Muscovado. Name given to unrefined sugar.

Napolitaine (à la) (Fr.). Naples or Neapolitan style.

Napper (Fr.). To cover a dish with a layer of thick sauce, jelly or jam.

Naturel (Fr.) (au natural). Plain, simple. Plainly and quickly prepared.

Navarin (Fr.). A stew of mutton or lamb. A kind of haricot mutton. The name is of ancient origin, being mentioned in one of the plays of Sodelle in the early part of the seventeenth century. Turnips form the principal garniture of a navarin.

Negus. Name of a hot drink composed of port wine, sugar, nutmeg and lemon-juice; so-called after Colonel Negus (in the reign of Queen Anne).

Neige (Fr.). Snow. White of eggs beaten to a snow or a froth.

Nepaul pepper. A red pepper of the same character as cayenne and Guinée pepper, being a species of capsicum of a sweet pungent flavour. It is largely grown in Hindustan.

Nesselrode. Name of a pudding, iced, and flavoured with chestnuts, invented by Mony, chef to the famous Count Nesselrode.

Niokes or Niokies. A farinaceous dish prepared with semolina or Indian maize, flavoured with grated cheese, cream, etc. Of Russian invention.

Nivernaise (à la) (Fr.). Nivernese style.

'Noix de muscat (Fr.). Nutmeg. The fruit of the nutmeg tree; an aromatic spice.

Noques (Fr.). An Italian farinaceous preparation. Small dumplings made from flour, milk or cream, boiled in soup or salt water, and served as garnish.

Normande (à la)(Fr.). Normandy style, with the exception of a dish known as filets de soles à la Normande, and other fish entrées. The application of this name implies that the flavour of apple has in some form or other been introduced into the composition of the dish.

Nougat (Fr.). Almond rock candy. A sweetmeat made with sugar, honey, almonds, pistachios, etc.

Nouilles (Fr.). Nudels. A German preparation, "Nudeln." It consists of a stiff dough made with flour and eggs, rolled out very thinly, cut up in thin strips and boiled, and served as garnish, or fried and served as a sweet. When cooked nouilles resemble macaroni.

Noyau (Fr.). The stone of a fruit; a liqueur flavoured with peach or nectarine kernels.

Okra. Name of a vegetable extensively used in South America. Used as a vegetable and also for soup.

Orangeat (Fr.). Candied orange peel.

Orgeate (Fr.). Barley water or almond milk; a favourite summer drink.

Orloff. A number of dishes or their garniture are thus styled. Orloff is the name of a magnificent diamond, owned by the Russian Count Alexis Orloff, who was known as a great gourmand and epicure.

Orly, also Horly. Name given to dishes prepared in a certain style. Usually slices of fish or meat dipped in a rich batter and fried in fat.

Paillasse (Fr.). A grill over hot cinders.

Pain (Fr.). Bread, forcemeat, fruit purée, etc.

Pain d'épice (Fr.). Spiced bread; a kind of gingerbread.

Palais de boeuf (Fr.) Ox palate.

Panaché (Fr.). Striped, streaked, variegated. Mixed with two or more kinds of vegetables, fruits, etc.; also salads, jellies, or creams.