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Take the marrow out of a marrow bone, place it in warm water, heat almost to boiling point, then let it cool and pour the water away. Repeat this three times, until the marrow is thoroughly "fined," then beat the marrow to a cream with a silver fork, stir ½ pint of oil in drop by drop, beating all the time; when quite cold, add 4 penny-worth of citronella, pour into jars and cover down.

POMADE (Another Method)

Beat up ¼ of a lb. of unsalted lard well; then add 2 pennyworth of castor-oil, and mix thoroughly together with a knife, adding a few drops of any scent that may be preferred. Put the pomatum into pots, which keep well covered to prevent it turning rancid.


Mix 8 ozs. of olive-oil, 1 oz. of spermaceti, 3 pennyworth of essential oil of almonds, and 3 pennyworth essence of lemon together, and store away in jars for use.

POMATUM (Another Method)

Wash 1½ lb. of lard well in elder-flower water; drain, and beat it to a cream. Mix ½ a pint of olive oil and ½ a pint of castor oil together, and heat them sufficiently to dissolve 4 ozs. of spermaceti, which should be beaten fine in a mortar. Mix all these ingredients together with whatever kind of scent may be preferred; and whilst warm pour into glass bottles for use, keeping them well corked. The best way to liquefy the pomatum is to set the bottle in a saucepan of warm water. It will remain good for many months.


Ingredients.—1 oz. of gum-tragacanth, pint of cold water, 3 penny-worth of essence of almonds, 2 teaspoonfuls of old rum. Mode.—Put 1 oz. of gum-tragacanth into a wide-mouthed bottle with of a pint of cold water; let it stand till dissolved, then stir into it 3 pennyworth of essence of almonds; let it remain for an hour or two, and then pour 2 teaspoonfuls of old rum on the top. This should make the stock bottle, and when any is required for use, dilute it with a little cold water until the desired consistency is obtained, and keep it in a small bottle, well corked, for use. This bandoline improves the hair by increasing its growth and making it always smooth and glossy.


Ingredients.—Equal quantities of olive-oil and spirit of rosemary; a few drops of oil of nutmeg.

Mix equal quantities of olive-oil and spirit of rosemary and a few drops of oil of nutmeg together, rub the roots of the hair every night with a little of this liniment, and the growth of it will very soon sensibly increase. When illness is the cause of the loss of hair, brandy should be applied 3 times a week, and cold cream on the alternate nights.