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May be made with boracic lint; that is, lint impregnated with boracic acid. A piece of this lint, of suitable size, is wrapped in a cloth and wrung out in boiling water. It is then applied to the part, and covered with protective wool, and a bandage.

Boracic fomentations should always be used in preference to bread or linseed poultices in cases of poisoned fingers, whitlows, abscesses, boils, etc. They do not retain the heat quite so long, but on the other hand are much cleaner than poultices, which become very offensive if the skin breaks or discharge is present.


Are made by wringing out ordinary lint in a solution composed of 1 teaspoonful of boroglyceride to 1 pint of boiling water. Apply as above.


Are sometimes used. They are prepared in the same way, viz., 1 teaspoonful of Sanitas to 1 pint of boiling water. Wring out the lint and apply in usual way.


Ingredients.—1 oz. of bitter almonds, oil of sweet almonds, the yolk of 1 egg, and a little tincture of benzoin; 10 drops of oil of caraway.

Mode.—Blanch the almonds, beat them to a paste by working in gradually the oil of sweet almonds and the egg, then add the benzoin and oil of caraway, and beat till the ointment is of the consistency of thick cream. Before going to bed, the hands should be well washed with soap and warm soft water, thoroughly dried with a soft cloth, and the ointment then rubbed well into them. It is desirable to keep the hands covered with a pair of soft kid gloves while the ointment is upon them.

Another ointment can be made with Goulard's extract, 1 fluid drachm; rose-water, 1 fluid oz.; spermaceti ointment, 2 ozs. Melt the ointment, and rub it up with the extract of Goulard mixed with the rose-water. Apply in the same way.


Ingredients.—1 teaspoonful of flour of mustard, half a pint of spirits of turpentine.

Mode.—Infuse the mustard in the turpentine, shake it well during twenty-four hours; then strain it off quite clean through muslin. Apply the clear liquid to the chilblains and rub it well in.


One part of vinegar to three of water is a commonly-used lotion for sponging invalids. Equal parts of vinegar and water may be usefully employed for bruises.