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worse after midnight. With Ipecacuanha there is wheezing and rattling of mucus, and the cough causes gagging and vomiting. If Ipecacuanha seems indicated and fails, Antimonium Tart, should be substituted, especially if there is much blueness of lips, and cold sweat. If the mucus is very viscid Lobelia 3x may be indicated. If the attacks are accompanied by gastric disturbance and worse after eating, Nux vomica is called for.

In each case repeat dose every half-hour till relief is obtained.

For the cure of the asthmatic tendency, Psorinum 30 or 200 is often useful, given in infrequent doses once a week only. Similarly for asthma worse from damp weather, Natrum Sulphur 6, a dose daily; and for those which are better in damp weather, Hepar 30, a dose every 4 days, may act curatively.

Biliousness.—For an ordinary bilious attack which frequently follows indulgence in what is called good eating and drinking, and is often the outcome of sedentary occupations, the usual remedies are Mercrius and Nux vomica in alternation every 2 hours till relief is obtained. Pulsatilla is prescribed for persons of fair complexion, especially women, instead of Nux vomica. The ordinary symptoms of such an attack are a foul tongue with nausea and, frequently, actual vomiting.

For bilious attacks which recur at more or less regular intervals, independently of errors in diet, Iris 2x 1 or 2 drops 3 times a day is often curative.

Bronchitis.—For acute cases Aconite and Bryonia, as indicated under "Cough." Follow with Ipecacuanha every 2 hours if there is much wheezing and rattling, or if these symptoms are accompanied by blueness, Antimonium Tart. For chronic cases, if the cough is dry and hard, Bryonia; if much rattling, specially in old people, Antimonium Tart. If the phlegm is very stringy, and cough worse in early morning, Kali bichromicum. Repeat doses every 2 hours in acute cases; 3 times a day in chronic.

Bruises.—For simple bruises and contusions make a lotion of 30 drops of Arnica tincture to 4 tablespoonfuls of water, and apply to the part affected on lint doubled twice or thrice and soaked in the lotion. Cover with oiled silk, and change the lint or renew the dipping as soon as the lint is dry. It must on no account be used if the skin is broken. In this case Calendula (30 drops) should be used in the same way.

Catarrh, or Cold in the Head.—As soon as one is conscious of having taken cold, through feeling chilly and shivery, a camphor pilule should be taken every ¼ hour till chill passes off. Aconite should then be given every hour till perspiration occurs. If the attack begins with feverishness Aconite should be taken at once. This must be succeeded by one of the following remedies, according to the symptoms: For running of nose and eyes, Euphrasia 1x every 2 hours. For thick discharge from nose, unirritating, Mercurius, If discharge is very