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same rules and requirements as apply to a marriage after publication of banns.

If the marriage be not solemnized within three months from the grant of the licence a fresh license will have to be obtained.

Such licences may be obtained upon personal application either at the Faculty Office, 23, Knightrider Street, Doctors' Commons, London, E.G., or at the Vicar-General's Office, 3, Creed Lane, Ludgate Hill, E.G. (between 10–4, or Saturdays, 10–2); or in the country, at the registry office of any bishop, or from some clergyman who has been appointed for the purpose by the bishop as his surrogate or deputy. Inasmuch as personal appearance is necessary, and the affidavit to be sworn has to be prepared from the personal instructions of one of the parties to be married, the last-mentioned method is the more convenient; but it must be remembered that a licence obtained from a bishop's registry or from his surrogate is only available for a marriage in the diocese in which it is issued. A licence issued by the Faculty Office or the Vicar-General's Office is available in any diocese.

The fees payable are: for the licence itself, £1 10s.; stamp duty on the licence and on the affidavit, 10s. and 2d. 6d. respectively.

(2) A special licence is an authority granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to marry at any convenient time or place; and is only obtainable in exceptional circumstances. On such licences there is a stamp duty of £5, and the total amount payable in fees and duty is about £30. Application for such licence must be made to the Faculty Office, 23, Knightrider Street, E.C.

III. By the Certificate or Licence of a Superintendent Registrar of Marriages.— The certificate of notice and the licence to marry obtainable from a superintendent registrar of marriages are the civil forms which may be adopted instead of a publication of banns in church and the licence granted by a bishop respectively (as to which, see previous page). A certificate of notice takes twenty-one days to obtain, and a licence is obtainable on the expiration of one day after notice; and neither is available for more than three months.

Where it is intended to obtain such certificate, or licence, the following notice, or one to a like effect, must be given by one of the parties to the superintendent registrar of the district in which the parties have dwelt for not less than seven days immediately preceding such notice, if it is intended to apply for a certificate, or for not less than fifteen days where a licence is required. If the parties dwell in different districts such notice must be given to the registrar of each district, in cases where the marriage is not to be by licence.

Form of notice.—To the superintendent registrar of the district of Hendon in the County of Middlesex. I, the undersigned James Smith, hereby give you notice that a marriage is intended to be had without (or, by) licence between me the other party herein named and described; that is to say—

Name and Surname Condition. Rank or Profession. Age. Dwelling place. Length of Residence. Church or building in which the marriage is to be solemnized. District and County in which the parties respectively dwell.
James Smith Widower Ironmonger 25 Years 16, High Street, Hendon, Middlesex [7 for 15] days[1] Sion Chapel, West Street, Tonbridge, Kent Hendon, Middlesex
Martha Green Spinster   19 years Grove Farm, Tonbridge Kent More[2] than a month   Tonbridge, Kent
  1. According to whether it is intended to apply for a certificate of notice or a licence to marry See above
  2. In case of residence for more than a month, it is not necessary to state the actual period.