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any manure, soil, ashes or rubbish on a village green, or on land allotted under any such Act for exercise or recreation.

6. Under the Police Clauses Acts.

Within the Metropolitan Police district,[1] or in a borough or urban district[2] the following acts are punishable by a fine not exceeding £2.

Beating or shaking in the street a carpet, rug or mat, except door mats before 8 in the morning; leaving open any vault, or cellar, or underground room without sufficient fence, or leaving an open area or pit without a sufficient light at night; placing or keeping a blind or awning or any other projection over the footway unless it be eight feet at least from the ground, or if within the Metropolitan Police district at any height if it cause an annoyance or obstruction; depositing in the street any coal or materials (except building materials—which must be so inclosed as to prevent mischief); throwing into the street any dirt, litter, or ashes, etc.; or within the Metropolitan Police district, throwing or causing any such matter to fall into a sewer, pipe or drain, or into any watercourse, reservoir, etc. Also the following acts which are calculated to injure or annoy others: causing any vehicle to stand in the street longer than is necessary for loading or unloading; driving, or allowing to stand, on any footway, any vehicle or animal; wantonly disturbing a householder by ringing or knocking without lawful excuse; wilfully and unlawfully extinguishing any lamp in a street; furiously riding or driving any horse or carriage,[3] or furiously driving cattle; or within the Metropolitan Police district riding or driving so as to endanger the safety of any person; discharging firearms or throwing any missile to the danger of any person; making a bonfire or discharging fireworks in the street; flying a kite or in the Metropolitan Police district, playing any game to the annoyance of the inhabitants or persons in the street; making or using a slide in any thoroughfare; turning loose any horse or animal in the street; allowing to be at large any unmuzzled ferocious dog, or setting any dog or other animal to attack or put in fear any person or animal; suffering a dog to go at large, knowing, or having reasonable ground for believing, it to be in a rabid state, or to have been bitten by an animal reasonably supposed to be in that conditon; [4] hewing or cutting stone or timber in a thoroughfare; slaking, sifting, or screening any lime in the street; exposing for sale any articles on the roadway or footway so as to cause annoyance or obstruction.

Within any town or district mentioned above, except in the Metropolitan Police district so far as it lies within the area subject to the jurisdiction of the London County Council, any of the following acts is, similarly, punishable as an offence:—Emptying any privy between 6 a.m. and 12 midnight; removing any nightsoil through a thoroughfare between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., or removing it in a conveyance without a proper covering; keeping a pig-stye to the front of a street without a proper fence, or keeping pigs so near to the road as to be a common nuisance. [5]

Within any town or district referred to above, other than in the Metropolitan Police district, the following acts are likewise punishable:—Placing any flower-pot or box or any heavy article in an upper window without sufficiently guarding against its being blown down; throwing anything from a house into the street, except snow thrown so as not to fall on any person passing by;

  1. Which extends over an area with a radius of fifteen miles from Charing Cross, excluding the City of London.
  2. And also in any town not within an urban district, if the provisions of the Town Police Clauses Act, 1847, have been expressly adopted by the local authority. In rural districts also the local authority may acquire the right to exercise such of the powers vested in urban authorities as the Local Government Board may by order direct.
  3. In which term is included a bicycle.
  4. Within the Metropolitan Police District this offence is punishable by a penalty of £5, instead of £2 as elsewhere.
  5. For corresponding provisions, in London, see following page.